Hello world!

Welcome to my marathon blog which I have decided that my generous benefactors deserve, in return for their money and to keep me focussed on the target which – if I am completely honest – still scares the pants off me.

I sent out begging letters to everyone I know today and I have been overwhelmed by how many people generously sponsored me within minutes.  I feel awkward asking for money, so thank you to everyone.

Also a friend-of-a-friend sent me a link to their marathon training blog and I realised how unprofessional and lax I have been about the whole thing up til now.  The other person has run, swum,  rowed and squatted this week whilst I exerted myself with a yoga class and a couple of runs.   To be fair to myself, what little training I did do this week resulted in two milestones being passed.

Last Friday I ran my longest ever distance – 13.1 miles in 2 hours 18 mins.  I achieved this by

  •  kidding myself that I would walk after 9 miles, then
  • I moved the goal posts and renegotiated with myself that if I kept running I would stop after 11 miles,
  • since 11 miles was my previous record, I told myself that I could do one extra mile and set a new personal best,
  • at 12 miles I knew that I was still half a mile from home, which made 12 1/2 miles
  • …so then I couldn’t stop there because 13.1 miles is a half marathon and that is a real achievement.
  • So job done – my first half marathon distance under my belt.

Presumably – if anyone is still reading now – they will have worked out that psychologically I am bonkers!

On Tuesday I ran in my first ever race.  (I spent all my school PE lessons hiding behind the science block.) The Orpington Road Runners 10k.  It is incredibly dis-spiriting to be running for all you are worth and to be constantly overtaken by a stream of people who are having a nice chat and not even breaking a sweat.  The only other time I have ever felt like that was when my car broke down on the M25 and I stood on the edge whilst juggernauts thundered past me relentlessly for over an hour.

Anyway, the fact is that I finished. I was placed 66th out of …well, yes, 66.  But as we have all lied to our kids, – its the taking part that counts – it is? isn’t it? Well actually on this occasion it is true.  I was on a total high for just completing the race.   54 minutes 28 seconds is a personal best by over 3 minutes for me so this just goes to show that fear of humiliation can be an effective motivational tool.  To be honest, I was already well aware of that. I have a certain previous manager for teaching me that lesson, but probably the less said about that, the better!

Anyway.  Thanks for reading.  I promise to update this quite regularly (or for a further donation, I would be willing to promise not to update it again!) If anyone feels that they are not going to get a decent return on their investment, feel free to post a derogatory comment or two to spur me on.